Day 161 of 365

February 28, 2018



On Tuesday nights I play trivia with friends at a cute place called Siebert's Pub. The menu is basic bar


food but it's pretty amazing. For the last few months I've had outstanding nachos, reuben sandwiches but I've avoided their French onion soup.


Until tonight...


On my 161st day I experienced my very first bowl of French Onion soup. I don't know why I've never had it until today but my best guess would be a dislike of soup that's only made of onions.


This cup of soup from Siebert's pub is presented beautifully with a golden toasted layer of melted cheese on top. I almost didn't want to crack it open. My trivia mates have eaten it many times and I've watched them roll the thick layer of cheese over to reveal soup soaked chunks of crusty bread. It has always looked delicious.


If I said the soup was served hot I would be under-representing the word. This liquid would cool down flowing lava. It comes with a warning from the waitress. I've watched the heat roll off the top and I don't take the warning lightly.


This soup is a delight and I'm so happy that I gave in and ate it. 


Day 161 was a treat for the tastebuds.


Love & Light


I planted my #365rockdays rock




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