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Day 159 of 365


About 150 days ago I made a set of windchimes. When I set up that experience I used some lead lines from a package of fishhooks because the looped ends worked perfectly for that project. Because I'm smart I kept the leftover hooks just in case.

On the 159th day I learned how to snell a fish hook.

You're wondering why?

I will need this skill when I use my flies from day 79 to learn how to Fly fish. I can not wait for the day to come. I have wanted to learn since I was a kid. There's something very soothing about watching and I imagine it to be just as amazing to actually do it myself.

Back to day 159. If you're wondering about hooks in fingers, yes I did bleed for this experience. The hooks had tiny barbs that kept snagging on my finger. After my third hook I decided to file them off.

I tried thread and sinew for my first attempts with the idea that it would be easier to see on camera. They didn't tie well so I shot a video using fishing line and it worked great.

As experiences go day 159 drew first blood.

Love & Light

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