Day 151 of 365

February 18, 2018

Winter fun



Who wears sneakers to a Wisconsin winter event?


This girl!


Who wears a fleece jacket to a snowy outdoor festival?


This girl!


It's day 151 and I went to my first winterfest. Thank goodness I had a coat in my trunk.


To make this adventure authentic it was actually cold and snowy because February in Wisconsin could honestly give any temperature and any stormfront. 


When I arrived I was anticipating an enormous crowd. I had front row parking. This should have been an indicator of what type of event I was attending. It was definitely a family event. It was so family that there were about 4 kids to every adult and then there were more kids everywhere. I felt like a creeper. 


The event had games and activities which I thought were intended for adults. Nope, it was all scaled to the 36" crowd. CREEPER!


There were a few beautiful ice sculptures and some food vendors. I actually felt bad for the poor people sitting out in the snow trying to sell caramel corn and candy treats. 



I did get a chance to carve 365 in a giant block of ice. As adventures go this one was a bust and I can say that it was a first and a last.


Day 151 was cold, snowy and had a bit of pretty ice.


Love & LIght


I  planted my #365rockdays rock





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