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Day 145 of 365

Cake pop

I’ve avoided this ridiculous mini monster for so long but on day 145 I couldn’t resist this free first time experience.

The idea of a cake pop has to be the biggest dessert scam ever. This is what I see.

As an example, let’s use it as a celebratory treat. A cake pop is not big enough to count as a slice of cake and nowhere close to the size of a cupcake.

So what’s the point?

"To express my great fondness of you I’m going to take a single bite of cake and put it on a stick. This forces you to eat it in one bite because two makes half fall on the floor."

Who came up with this idea??

I white knuckle drove my car this morning in a snowstorm to be with mom. I dropped my oldest kid off at Starbucks to wait for work. We took a few minutes to get coffee and the store was offering free samples of the valentine cake pop. This was a doughy gooey mess on a stick. True confession... it was chocolate and that was the real decision maker.

I ate it and it was more like undercooked brownie. For my first experience eating one of these I would not ever need one again.

Day 145 was chocolate and that was the best part.

Love & Light

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