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Day 141 of 365


Since 2005 I have been getting Kinder Surprise eggs for my kids. If you aren't familiar with the candy/toy combo watch this delightful advertisement.

So sorry for the creep factor. I'm not sure how this ad made anyone want to buy this but my kids went nuts on their first trip to Australia and I'll bet I bought 20 eggs.

Today on day 141 for the first time ever I ate an American kinder "JOY" egg.

These little suckers were banned in America about 10 years ago because parents didn't supervise their children when they ate this candy. There's a toy inside of it and I guess American kids aren't as smart as Australian kids because the government protected us from this dangerous candy/toy experience. Thank goodness our guns are safe.

The two products are completely different and I could try to describe it but you should just watch the video I made.

Day 141 was a surprise and a sweet treat.

Love & Light

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