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Day 138 of 365


It's super bowl Sunday in the USA. If I told you that I really don't care much about football unless the

Packers are playing it might express how little I actually care about the game itself. Back in the day we would celebrate the many January and February birthdays on game day just so we had a wonderful gathering. We haven't done it for a few years and it isn't happening today. In fact, it'll be a quiet evening at home so I thought I'd take advantage of the captive audience and experiment on them.

On day 138 I decided to make cauliflower crust pizza. Pizza for a football game sounds exactly perfect so to make it an experience I decided to get all of the ingredients to do it with cauliflower.

I worked at a pizza parlor when I was a college student and I tossed a few crusts in that time. Today there would be a ton of squeezing and zero tossing. I'll admit right off that I didn't rice the cauliflower myself. I spent the morning with mom and time forced me to purchase it already prepared. I cooked it up and pressed out as much of the liquid as I could. It's a lot like doing the goat cheese on day 23. The drier the better.

Once the riced cauliflower was dry I added and egg and some feta cheese. I mixed it all as if it was dough but extremely squishy and slightly gross. I added a herb blend of garlic, oregano and pepper just before pressing in into a pizza pan lined with parchment paper.

I baked it for 40 minutes to set it and start that crunchy crust that I love so much. So it wasn't exactly crunchy. If you ever try this you need to use cheesecloth and squeeze every drop of fluid out of that cauliflower. My crust didn't dry out so we had to eat it with a fork. It was delicious and amazing and I'd do it again.

Day 138 was delicious.

Love & Light

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