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Day 137 of 365


We have two cats. They are exactly the cats that you see in comics and cartoons. Two females and they are the worst. Affectionate on their own terms, they rarely need humans unless we bring food and water.

Today I thought I’d take a break from my sassy cats and see what was out there in the world of pets.

On day 137 we attended a huge pet expo. Remember how I went to a gun show a few weekends back. I’ve decided these make terrible experiences because they are not what I expect them to be.

I wanted puppies and baby animals. I thought it would be more like an adoption fair but instead it was all the crap that people buy to try to humanize their animal friends. Some people I know would have LOVED this experience.

We walked the massive pavilion and I did enjoy the Husky rescue groups that were there. It made me miss my dog but it was also very clear that this space is catering to the canine crowd. Since we lost Jake in December of 2016 it wasn't as interesting to navigate. The occasional roofing booths and the Cutco knife table reminded me that this is a vendor fair as much as it is a pet event. I really don't need to attend this one again.

There was an area with reptiles and tarantulas. I did walk through the snakes and decided I didn't need any of that anxiety so I scooted out of there. Creepy crawly things are a no-go with me.

Day 137 was for the dogs.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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