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Day 134 of 365

The moon was neither blue, nor bloody and only a tiny bit super.

This morning I woke up early to go outside and catch a glimpse of that once in a lifetime moon. I read on NPR that it was a perfect trifecta of a lunar experience. Why? I got to see a blue moon, a lunar eclipse and super moon all at the same time. This hasn't happened since 1866.

We get to see a blue moon when two full moons appear in the same month. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves in to the shadow of the earth. A super moon occurs when the moon is closer to earth's orbit and more than 10% brighter. And if this wasn't amazing enough, while that moon is in eclipse it will take on a reddish color creating the blood part of this equation.

When I stepped out into the tropical 32 degree air I was excited to actually see this moon. I wasn't sure if the clouds would be in the way.

I went in the house to grab my DSLR and attached the monopod for stability. Low light and high speed need a steadier hand than I have. The top picture was the first one that I took. I was pretty pleased to experience the eclipsing before the clouds rolled in. My problem came as the transition started to set behind my barn. I got the brilliant idea to hop in my car and drive to a location where I could see the entire moon set and eclipse in all of it's glory.

That's when it all went to hell. Those clouds rolled in and just as I put my car in to park the moon disappeared. I'm not disappointed because what I saw was beautiful and I managed to take a few pictures that I'm extremely happy with.

Eclipse almost half way.

The blood color starting to appear.

Day 134 was worth the cold and the drive.

Love & Light

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