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Day 133 of 365


Today I wanted to do something that is completely reckless and a little stupid.

I made and shot a flaming arrow instead.

I've watched many movies and TV shows with a firey arrow used for dramatic affect. That was not my goal today. On Day 133 I just wanted to build and launch an arrow that would hold flame, fly and hit a target... ON FIRE.

I used a coconut oil soaked cotton cloth. I decided on this fuel because it turns to a solid when it gets cold. This way it wouldn't drip while I was lighting it. I knew it would stay lit because it made amazing fuel for my candle on day 122. I tied the cloth to the shaft of an arrow. It was really that simple and here's where all the fabulous fun happened. We built a quick target and I took a few test shots. I was using the bow that I helped build on day 37. This is the first time I actually fired it and I love this Hickory bow.

From beginning to end this experience was a success. I might have been a tiny bit off target but when the arrow hit the ground it was still on fire.

As experiences go, day 133 was extra-flamey.

Love & Light

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