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Day 130 of 365

Mmm Mmm not so good

Let's talk about the Miracle fruit AKA Magic Berry. This little red gem is in fact a bit magical. Here’s how my adventure went.

The little red tablet is meant to change the way that foods taste. I saw a video of people using this magic fruit and having an interesting reaction to some extreme food flavors.

Let's start with what was on the menu.

Each of these items have distinct flavors. I invited my people to join this experience and we started with the apple.

We found that apple tasted like nothing at all. It was all texture and no flavor. This tricked us into thinking that the tablet didn't work so we moved on to the hot sauce.

On a normal taco eating day this sauce has some zip. I like the kick it adds to just about anything but this is where we start to take a taste bud turn. That hot sauce was like the sweet syrup. I had to take a second little spoonful because I couldn't get over the difference. We confirmed hot status when my sweetheart felt it on the tender lip zone. It was indeed HOT!

We chased that deliciousness with cottage cheese. I'm not huge on dairy and this tasted like eating butter. It was so rich I didn't need any more.

I know you're wondering what could possibly be next?

How about kosher dill pickles. This was almost an experience ender. I LOVE pickles... well most pickles. My grandmother, bless her, made the worst pickles and she made a lot of them. When she passed we inherited more than anyone could ever eat. Thanks, Granny. My magic berry flavored pickles tasted like the worst thing I've ever had in my mouth. I did not spit it out but I really wanted to. Calling it sour like festering milk would be an understatement. There should be a "Bertie Bott Bean" and it should be called "magic berry pickle" because it's almost as bad as skunk or dog food. If you don't understand the reference please follow the link in red.

Moving on from the trauma, we sampled lemon, lime and pomegranate. All three had the reverse taste than you would expect. Lemonade and limeade came to mind immediately and I was surprised by the sweetness. The pomegranate was pretty neutral. It wasn't great or horrible.

In the middle of all of this someone had the brilliant idea to taste brandy. Sometimes too much is exactly that. The brandy didn't exist in my mouth as a flavor until it burned from my throat down to my stomach. Yep none of the flavor and all of the burn. This would also be exactly how the final treat of apple cider vinegar felt. I'm not sure if there is an opposite of taste but this might be it.

What's the takeaway for day 130?

Antacids! My stomach is still burning and it's been hours. Just because you can't taste it doesn't mean its a good combination to eat. On the other side of things, if you want to have fun tasting food in an interesting way this might be it. Forget family game night, this 30 minute pill will entertain the whole crowd.

Love & Light

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