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Day 129 of 365

Great Balls of Fire!!

A few years ago a family friend showed this to me and my son reminded me about it. I'd watched the youtube hijinks and thought it might be a tiny bit nuts which made it perfect for day 129.

Flaming balls that you hold in your hand might sound a little kooky but after 128 days I'm ready to go way out of my comfort zone.

The preparation was pretty simple. Cut some cotton fabric. Shape and tie it into a ball. I made two because I wanted to hold one in each hand. It's very important that all of the material is 100% cotton so it'll hold the alcohol fuel and not melt from the heat. Polyester fabric and string will melt.

The balls were dropped in to the bowl of alcohol and swished around so all sides are coated in the liquid. The alcohol burns off pretty fast. When the flame died I did keep dunking it. Using tweezers, I picked up the balls and lit them on fire.

Here's the thing, those flaming balls need to be moving becuase the longer you hold them in the palm of your hand the hotter they get.

Don't worry, I didn't get burned and my house is still standing. I'm pretty sure that my mother would disapprove of this challenge if I had performed it in her kitchen. I can't wait to show her the video. This was one of the COOLEST experiences.

Day 129 was a hot one.

Love & Flaming Light

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