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Day 128 of 365

Bump and a lot of grind

A few days ago I learned how to cut glass. I should share that I made it through that experience without hurting myself. I think that in itself is quite an accomplishment.

Cutting glass was the first step in my stained glass project. On day 128 I moved on to the very treacherous glass grinding.

My instructions were quick and a bit unsettling:

1. make sure the grinding wheel is wet.

2. move your glass along that grinder in the opposite direction of rotation.

3. you will get covered in minute particles of glass, DON'T RUB ANY OF YOUR SKIN!

4. the edges are shiny, grind that away.

She did a short demonstration so I could see what to do. I put on my safety eyewear. As she left me there with my project glass and grinder she also warned of cuts and not to worry she had band-aids.

As I explained earlier, I didn't need the band-aid but it did make me more aware of how I was working.

The process took about 90 minutes and I was indeed covered with a fine wet film of something itchy. I used my extra water to wash my arms off when I finished.

I'm hoping this part of the stained glass adventure is complete because it was easy enough but not my favorite.

Love & Light

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