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Day 126 of 365

Whip it!

Remember a few days ago when I called out the weather in Wisconsin? Well the universe was listening and now I'm trapped by 7 inches of snow.

Yesterday I made some amazing noodles and the recipe called for only egg yolks. When I separated the eggs I kept the whites with the idea I would use them for something. I figured I had a few days to make that mess so I put them in the fridge.

It turns out that being trapped in my house by 7 inches of snow gave me the perfect opportunity to have another kitchen adventure.

My youngest kid and I enjoy meringue cookies and I've spent a few dollars at the grocery store purchasing them. As I searched the web for a recipe I was happy to discover that I already had all of the ingredients.

The warning that came up during my youtube recipe search?

Make sure your mixer is clean and dry.

Heeding this warning I prepared my equipment with vinegar. Since growing that SCOBY on day 6, I started using white vinegar to clean my jars and continued when making Kombucha. Yep, I've still got that growing in the pantry.

I cleaned all of my tools for whipping and beating those egg whites and got started. I set the oven

to preheat at 200 degrees. As the eggs made a foamy mix I added the sugar one tablespoon at a time.

I thought this process would require more patience but it went pretty quick and looked shiny and a bit like frosting. The problem is that raw egg whites that look like frosting could also cause a problem if I licked it from my fingers. To test the proper consistency you need to feel the meringue to make sure the fine sugar granules have been beaten out.

Just don't lick your fingers. That was my chant the entire time it was mixing.

I added some almond extract to the mix just as my liquids turned to shiny solids. I was going to spoon

the meringue out on the baking paper but decided to pipe it using a ziploc bag. It didn't go as planned so I made some lopsided cookies. They baked for about two hours on that low heat and made a beautiful finished result.

Day 126 was another delicious adventure.

Love & Light

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