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Day 125 of 365


It's a cool rainy January afternoon. I live in the midwest where we should have a few feet of snow but instead we have about that same measurement of rain. What the heck?

So instead of the the adventure I had planned I decided on day 125 I should hand make some egg noodles. What I should have done was make soup and add the noodles but that would have required a bit more planning.

I really love noodles and I especially love egg noodles but I've never mixed, rolled and hand cut my own. The recipe is so very simple and mixing this took no time at all. The real work came in kneeding the dough and rolling it about 1/8th inch thick. It took a bit of time and a lot of muscle.

I wanted to use my cookie cutter to put a rippled edge on the noodles but the old tired tool just made a mess. I used the pizza cutter and rolled out a delicious pile of fresh goodness.

The recipe calls for a lot of waiting and you'll remember that patience is just not a thing I have but today I actually rested the dough for ten minutes and let the noodles hang dry for a few hours. I didn't want all that hard work to go to waste with a gloppy noodle mess.

I grilled some chicken and added cheese sauce. The real experience here was the rich chewy texture and flavor of the noodles. They were amazing.

Day 125 was delicious.

Love & Light

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