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Day 123 of 365

People power

This morning I marched in the rally for women. We started at the courthouse in Milwaukee with an inspirational crowd and some empowering speakers. I’ve never marched for or against anything. I’ve never felt so unrepresented as a woman.

It’s impossible to be a part of an event like this and not get political. The women who spoke this morning are tired of being less than. I’m tired of being less than.

I stood in that park with my husband and my youngest kid. I’m proud to have a spouse who values me not just for gratification. I’ve raised my kids to be respectful gentle human beings. I’m proud they are mine.

What I saw today invoked a range of emotions. Each speaker addressed human rights issues that women continue to face even after years and years of resistance. I don’t understand why we are still fighting all of this.

On my 123rd day I chanted, cheered and clapped for all women of every color. I don’t care what makes us different but I do care that our body configurations make us less than.

We are not less than!

Love & Light

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