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Day 122 of 365

Let there be light

Well, let there be lamplight.

Today I made a candle. It was not a typical candle. Today I took an orange and made it into an adorable flickering light.

Here's the deal. I've been away from my refrigerator a LOT in the last 30 days. Being present with someone I love has become my focus and although these days have added another angle to this 365 challenge it has also brought some joy at the same time. Somehow these crazy shenanigans keep me balanced.

Back to the orange that's burning in my kitchen.

I saw this on the internet and thought I'd give it a go. First step was to take that fuzzy forgotten orange from my neglected fridge and chop it in half. Next step was a cautious gutting of each half being careful to keep the center pith so I could use it as the wick. See the genius in the design? The other half of the orange had a clump of pulp so I created a star shape cutout so I could cover the bottom bowl.

The final step was actual fuel for the flame. I tried olive oil. It wouldn't light so I dumped that and switched to coconut oil. I actually liked this change because when the whole thing cools down the liquid oil becomes solid until I light it again.

This worked so well.

Why would you ever need an orange peel candle? I have no clue. I can't even say a doomsday prepper would make this. I guess it doesn't matter because the sucker actually lights and burned for about a half hour before I snuffed it out.

Day 122 gave me a moment of chill.

Love & so much LIGHT

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