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Day 120 of 365


For months I’ve been reading about a film titled "Served like a girl." I’m pretty passionate about bringing awareness to depression and suicide which can not be addressed without changing the state of our mental health care system.

Every day precious resources are sent to help people in foreign countries. During that same 24 hour period American veterans sleep on the streets. Depression, PTSD and so many other physical and mental health issues prevent those same men and women from seeking the help they need. The suicide rates for our Veteran American sisters and brothers are frightening.

I follow many groups on Facebook and some happen to be dedicated to US veterans. I grew up in a Navy household. As the youngest child I don't remember relocating as many military families do. I've never been homeless.

On day 120 I watched the film "Served Like a Girl" on Amazon Prime. This film is an eye opener and a call to action.

In the current state of the #metoo & #timesup world, it is no surprise that women veterans are horribly underserved.

Watch this film. Let it change you.

Love & Light

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