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Day 119 of 365


On my 119th day I decided it was time to make my own scented soap. I've probably washed my hands a thousand times while visiting my mother the last few weeks and the soap there smells horrible and has made my hands beyond dry.

I buy most of my soap at farmer's markets and vendor fairs. I do this because I love patchouli and I've never been able to find that scent at my local grocery store.

This process was easier than I thought. I found meltable cubes containing the base ingredients. I'm not going to list them all but I chopped it in to tiny chunks, mixed in my patchouli essential oil and cooked it all together. I used some celtic knot molds which were so perfect.

The hot soap took about an hour to set and I'm very happy with the final result. I made an exfoliating bar by adding ground apricot pit to the base.

Day 119 was another experience that could become a habit.

Love & Light

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