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Day 115 of 365

Ring the bell

I have not given up. Ringing the bell was my experience for the day but first I had to make it.

It's been a few weeks since I've been out to the forge and it's been months since I decided that I wanted to make this old school dinner bell.

The design wasn't a problem I knew this would be three pieces and I planned to forge them all at the same time. That plan went to crap as I discovered my 1/2 inch square stock required more attention and a large amount of muscle. In my head this was an hour and a half build. Execution actually took about 3 and a half.

I tried to clang the metal to determine if the sound would be good but that triangle shape really makes the steel sing.

As experiences go this was music to my ears.

Day 115 is a dinner bell.

Love & Light

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