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Day 113 of 365

It's day 113 and my mouth needs a good washing.

Today I ate my very first piece of Nigiri, which should be pronounced NO-WAY-EEE!

I've had a lot of maki rolls made many different ways. I love the flavor of the Nori seaweed paper and I especially love the pop of the tiny fish eggs covering the sticky rice. I use the wasabi paste and the heat of that is like a beer chaser after a shot of whiskey. I love my wasabi. I'll eat most sushi but I've never had any raw fish and that's why I've avoided the Nigiri.

Going against tradition I took a bite of the salmon piece first. I decided to try it without wasabi. To be honest I wanted to spit it out. It's just not tasty to me. I put wasabi on the other half and finished that piece and it just didn't help. NOPE, I'm sticking to my favorite NOT raw maki rolls. I'll be having the spicy crab roll, Thank you very much.

Day 113 I stepped out of my comfort zone and it tasted NO-WAY-EE!!

Love & Light

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