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Day 112 of 365

Eat This

One hundred and twelve days in and this is really becoming the challenge I thought it would be.

It's been an intense few weeks and after all the serious I needed to find something fun to do. It's not always easy to assemble and execute an experience that works and do it all again the next day. Today was a long one but I finally have it together.

On day 112 I built a simple structure for spinning bubbly liquid sugar into cotton candy. The assembly was hot glued together and I scavenged a can lid and arrow shaft to make a spinning base for the molten mixture to fly through.

This is where the shit gets messy.

The liquid was at 180 degrees and ready to go but for some reason it was too wet. I think when I added the raspberry flavoring it changed the thickness. I did get a handful of cotton candy so I'm calling it a success. Don't plan on coming over to get some because this will definitely not be on any future menu.

Day 112 was sticky and sweet.

Love & Light

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