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Day 110 of 365


It's no surprise that I like to play with fire. I'm not a danger girl but I do enjoy pushing boundaries.

Today I decided to take the empty champagne bottle from Day 107 and cut it using a little bit rope and hand sanitizer. When my youngest kid suggested this experience I was excited to use that Asti bottle. It seemed like a perfect pairing.

The process was so simple that this could be used to make fun candle holders or other things to use around the picnic table. I'm not sure the technique is precise enough to make drinking glasses but it would be fun to try. Maybe I'll attempt it with a factory inked bottle.

The experience went off without a cut or a burn, which most of my family will be shocked to hear. As experiences go I enjoyed this about as much as making paper. I'm going to have so many hobbies in the years to come.

Day 110 was another success. Enjoy the video.

Love & Light

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