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Day 108 of 365


I've been writing this post all evening. I've typed half the page and deleted it a few times. I've got so much to write about that isn't related to this adventure and I keep getting thrown off track.

The last few weeks have been a struggle. Being a member of a big family looks like it should be simple. Are we ever honest enough to share how horribly things are going?

On the 108th day of my journey I'm intrigued by science and I hate the justice system. The question of remorse and the concept of forgiveness have been running through my mind.

Should I forgive someone who chooses harm?

Should you show remorse for something you didn't do?

Many of you have been following my 365 day challenge since the beginning. I've pushed myself to do things that I fear and this has been very good for me. I feel different. I see things with new eyes. I had hoped that doing this challenge every day for a year would make me a better human being. In many ways it has, but life has once again reminded me that the world keeps moving even as I watch it through the hospital window. Many things happened today that were firsts but I don't want any of them to be a part of this challenge. I really don't even want them to be a part of who I am.

All of that said I'm sure you're wondering what my experience was for the day? A magic cup of ice cream that is neither magic nor ice cream.

You should be laughing.

I've never had a cup of ice cream that didn't melt. This little styrofoam cup is sitting in the window. I know it's below zero outside, and I can still turn this sucker over with the cover removed. I think that's the magic part. As I inspected the cup a bit more I realized it's actually a dessert. I guess I can relax because the chemistry involved in this delightful dish is loaded with calories and protein. I guess we can compromise our standards because any food is better than none at all. Do you get where this is going?

Back to the magic. When we uncovered this little delight it looked like yoghurt, acted like jello but tasted like pepto-bismol. Mom called it something else. Whatever the case this is some medicinal hospital crap food and they use the word MAGIC so that you'll take that first bite.

Day 108 happened. Thanks for reading.

Love & Light

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