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Day 107 of 365

Pop goes the Asti

Today's experience has been a topic of conversation in my house for quite a while. My youngest kid is a youtube person and he has watched a few videos about today's challenge.

If you do a web search you'll find tons of people who've attempted to open a bottle of champagne using a sword or saber. Most of my mornings start pretty early and day 107 was no exception. At the break of dawn we ventured out in the cold to uncork a bottle of champagne with flair.

Remember I've been studying the technique for hours.

With my camera-kid at the ready I removed all of the labeling and wire ties from the bottle of bubbly. Remembering to start strong and follow through, I knocked the top off that bottle. It is all about technique and I really wanted it to work on the first try.


Day 107 made a real celebratory POP!

Enjoy the video.

Love & Light

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