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Day 106 of 365

Mysteries of the unknown

If you sit in a hospital long enough you wonder about the unknown. There are so many right now and answers come slow. Patience is a continuous lesson. It's crap!

Today I took another trip into the world of the mysterious unknown by learning a little bit about ancient runes. I say ancient because they've been around for ages. Some people use runes to see their future and some just use the ancient symbols artistically. For this experience I'm interested in both.

I spent a few hours reading through the meaning of the symbols. My set happens to be on gemstones but you can purchase them in many shapes and sizes.

I poured out my stones and started to put together what could come from the pile in front of me. Some stones landed with the markings up and others were turned over. You can only read the runes with the symbols up so I separated them.

I'm not going to go into detail about what I found as I sorted through but it was beyond interesting and it made me think about what's going on for me right now.

Day 106 was enlightening.

Love & Light

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