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Day 105 of 365

Feeling strong

So I’m not a songwriter. That was made very clear today. Mom has a bunch of words she is using as therapy and my original idea was to write a song using them. It turned into a country frolic with candy and cocoa. You really had to be there to understand how horrible it was.

Instead of promoting the epic fail that my song lyrics were, I decided to rip an apple in half. Yep, with my bare hands I took a whole apple and made it two.

My youngest kid gave me a few instructions and we discussed leverage. I was impatient and because that kid is quick with the camera he caught it on tape. It went pretty fast and I even felt it was too easy so I ripped another one. The second one took a bit longer but I'm 100% confident that if I need an apple halved in the future it will not be a problem.

I know this is pretty tame compared to the jump in the lake yesterday but take a minute and try to rip an apple. It's not that easy.

Happy apple adventure on day 105.

Love & Light

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