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Day 103 of 365

It's the last day of 2017 and we are celebrating in the driest location possible, a hospital. When I say it's dry I'm not talking about a lack of moisture, I'm talking about a lack of alcohol or more specifically a lack of champagne to toast the new year.

We don't always celebrate with the bubbly and sometimes I go to bed way before the clock strikes midnight. On day 103 we found a new beverage to ring in the new year.

Let me set the stage for today's experience.

My mother has been in the hospital for the last eleven days and her time here includes a feeding tube until she's strong enough to eat. I've been watching the light brown liquid flow through her nose and down into her body. I will admit I've been curious to know what this concoction tastes like.

Here's the gift that mom gets that I didn't. When she's fed through the tube it bypasses the tastebuds and actual swallowing. This is some kind of nasty stuff. I had the osmolite in a syringe and squirted it into my mouth. Once that crap ran across my tongue that gag reflex hit. I didn't puke but I will never drink this again.

Day 103 was gag worthy. Enjoy the video.

Love & Light

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