Day 101 of 365

December 30, 2017



It's the 29th of December in southeast Wisconsin. That means construction has stopped and winter is here. It's pretty damn cold and today I thought I'd try freezing a bubble. 


The idea isn't terribly complicated. It's just soapy solution and a bubble wand, but the execution had a few bumps.


First thing, have you ever tried to find a bottle of bubbles in the middle of a midwestern winter? Not a lot to be found. I mixed up a batch using Dawn dish soap and water. 


Here's the fun part I didn't consider, freezing cold winter and liquid.


In my head this was going to be so cool. The execution took some time and a little bit of solution down my sleeve. Freezing cold wet hands and sleeves made for a fun challenge. It felt like the wind picked up and the snowflakes managed to pop the first bubbles I blew. I really wanted one large one so it would be easy to see. I finally got one using the bubble pipe. It's a good thing I kept all of our bubble blowing supplies from when the kids were little.


Once that bubble froze it was like a plastic bag popping. It's pretty cool. I think I'll try it again on a colder day. Check back and see.


Day 101 was another success. Enjoy the video.


Love & Light




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