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Day 83 of 365

Why would you eat this?

I've sampled a few horribly nasty things in the last 83 days but this one is right up there with the prickly pear.

Today I sampled the guava. Much like the scent of a urinal in a national park, this piece of fruit just lingers and I could just not get that flavor off of my tongue.

I knew I was going to eat guava for a few days as I bought it very green and let it ripen to this lovely golden color.

I'm sure many people would have thrown this away, perhaps I should have too, but everything I've read about this fruit suggested it would be delicious when it got to this outward ripeness.


I cut this little gem open to find some serious seeds happening on the inside. These looked like the buckshot seeds I found in that prickly pear on day 76. I read that people eat this fruit, skin and all. I chose not to and just bit into the flesh of the guava. The texture was so much like Elmer's glue pockets we made in grade school. Remember pouring glue in the palm of your hand and letting it dry? Well I did that but once it dried it made a cool film and I'd squirt more glue in that. Why did I bite it? I have no idea but it squished in my teeth and felt gross. That's what my guava experience was like too.

I've discovered over the last few weeks that many of the fruits I've tried haven't been very good. Maybe my fruit instincts are telling me something. Do we have fruit instincts? I don't know but I'm going with it.

Day 83 was not so tasty

Love & Light

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