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Day 73 of 365

Chicken and doughnuts

When the suggestion was made to go to this restaurant I was a little skeptical. Chicken and doughnuts, who does that?

A few friends wanted to be my co-adventurers today so we all took a chance at Mike’s Chicken & donuts. It was a first for all three of us which made it so much better.

From the outside the place looks like a bar but when you enter it has an old time diner feel. The first thing you see is the display case filled with amazing sweet treats. We chose a seat at the counter and it was perfect for friends to enjoy the full experience of this restaurant.

At first glance the menu seems ordinary but it was anything but. When we chose this place as my experience for day 73 I knew I was going to get a chicken and doughnut combo. That's exactly what I did. Our waitress was someone pretty special. Her suggestions were spot on and the attention she gave us was the best.

I have absolutely no regrets about putting this combination of food into my body. It was the perfect pairing of sweet and salty. There aren't enough words to describe the heavenly flavors and satisfaction I walked away with. If you're ever in Kenosha, WI this place is worth a stop. Next time I think I should take a few doughnuts home with me.

Day 73 was worth every calorie

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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