Day 67 of 365

November 25, 2017

It's a Jeep thing!



I've heard this from a few people and the itsajeepthing hashtag has popped up a couple of times on my instagram and twitter feeds. I've never driven a Jeep so today I attacked the experience with vigor. 


We visited a local dealership and walked through rows of Jeep vehicles. They had some amazing beefy choices and colors. I met up with our favorite salesman. Yes, I have a favorite.



I chose the new Renegade for the test drive. I like the vehicle but this new style is a bit boxy. It's 4 wheel drive and it felt like it as I drove down the highway. I did find that it wanted to go fast. I should have used the cruise control. The salesman confirmed that yes you can get a ticket during a test drive. I had a difficult time keeping it under 60. Apparently, in a Jeep, I can't drive 55.


When we drove on the recently surfaced roads the ride was pretty good for a truck but once we hit the bumpy side streets it was like being a stone in a rock tumbler. Not exactly a cross country road trip vehicle.


I've decided that the test drive was good enough for me. I don't plan to do any off-road mudding and I probably wouldn't do it in a $30,000+ vehicle. Just sayin'


Day 67 was a Jeep thing and once was just enough. 


Love & Light


I planted my #365rockdays rock at the dealership. 




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