Day 59 of 365

November 17, 2017


Gettin' a weave


It's Thursday and I was supposed to do something really cool today. When other people are part of the plan the day can get unpredictable. The teacher didn't show up so instead I had to get my weave on.


This plan to have one new thing to do every day often turns in to having a stock pile of things just in case things go screwy. Today was such an occasion. 


I bought a weaving frame a few weeks ago because I knew I had to try this as an experience. I've always wanted to do a huge blanket or rug but to be practical I decided to start with a tiny little coaster sized project. 


 I'm glad I started small because as easy as this weaving thing is to do it's also really monotonous and a tiny bit boring. The skein of yarn that I bought was multicolored and my plan was to weave a continuous line of rainbow color.


Not today!


The colors were about three times the length of the sections I was stitching so Instead I had to cut every color apart. Once the weaving was finished I had to tie all of the loose ends together. The task of tucking and knotting the ends together was messy for my first attempt. I like how this project turned out. I might do it again with different yarn.


Coasting through day 59.


Love & Light




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