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Day 57 of 365

A national day if Bundt

Happy Wednesday. If you didn't know it is also national bundt cake day. I'm not usually one to get on board with national anything day but I've never baked a bundt cake before and since my darling friend and bundt cake pan owner messaged me this morning I thought I'd join in the fun.

National bundt cake day isn't a celebration of cake, its an opportunity for bakeries to sell cake. Since that would have been a total cheat for the day I busted out the Kitchen-aid mixer and went to town. Since I keep dark cocoa powder on hand for baking emergencies that helped me decide what kind to make. Remember its a day to sell cake and not bake it so if I didn't bake the quintessential bundt cake recipe, I don't care. It's all about dark chocolate in my kitchen.

My dear friend Becky was kind enough to share her pan with me so all I really had to do was purchase some dairy products to make this delicious cake. Finding this recipe required a simple web search and then I was off. I know how to bake. I'm not sure what the big deal is about this particular cake but it's got a ton of dairy products in it.

The mixing process was slow because everything was blended on low speed. Since my kitchen is like a freezer it was a challenge to whip up that butter. All combined the batter was a bit thick. I was worried that it wouldn't rise up when it baked. It actually took about 15 minutes extra because of the stoneware pan. My kitchen smells like chocolate and I can't think of anything better. Once it cools down I will add the dark chocolate glaze.

Everything came together. The cake itself cracked coming out of the pan but you can't really see it. I made the glaze from MORE chocolate, whipping cream and butter. Each slice comes in at a whopping 315 calories if I cut it in 12 pieces. Please notice the use of the home made sprinkles.

Day 57 takes the cake.

Love & Light

I planted a #365rockdays rock to say thanks for the cake pan.

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