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Day 55 of 365

100's & 1000's

Today's experience happened by accident. I was walking through the grocery store when I passed the aisle with ingredients to bake and decorate cookies for the holidays. Yep, I haven't put away my halloween pumpkin yet and the Christmas trees are already spinning at Wal-mart.

When I looked through the shelves of ingredients I picked up a container of sprinkles. Do you know what those tiny gems are made from? It's not natural and I think I could use them to start a fire in the fireplace.

Maybe I'll try it.

That's when I decided to make my own sprinkles. I have to admit this is a complete leap of faith as I searched for a way to mix them up. When you make them at home it's sugar mostly and patience. Not a great combo for me. I can handle sugar but being patient, as you should know by now, is not my thing.

I mixed sugar with water and cocoa powder in an attempt to make the yummy sprinkles I like on ice cream. Once it was blended together I piped it out on to waxed paper. I used blue and purple food coloring to make the other colors. You can buy food dyes that are all natural but I don't have them anymore.

This next step is the actual patience part because those stripes have to dry out to become solid, but I really want to know if it worked. Once all of those sugar stripes harden I can chop them up and make those tiny sprinkle-y bits.

I got impatient and instead of cutting them I wrinkled the waxed paper and got a nice little dish of sprinkles. I'm not sure how they taste because I got the brilliant idea to make sprinkles but I didn't have the brilliant idea to buy any ice cream to put them on. I'll have to update you tomorrow.

Day 55 is still up in the air.

Love & Light and maybe some yummy sprinkles.

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