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Day 53 of 365

Sweet send aways

Losing a child, no matter what age is devastating. Losing a sibling leaves a hole in your soul. The day after it happens can bring a darkness you don't understand. How do you find a light?

Today I found that light by listening to that voice inside. I knew what I was going to do would be emotional but I also believed that it might be healing.

A few weeks ago my cousin invited me to volunteer with an organization called "Sweet Send Aways".

The group does something quite extraordinary. They give the gift of memories after the loss of a child and sibling. These volunteers create garments for babies born sleeping or who pass away shortly after birth.

When I arrived this morning I was so impressed by the group. Women of all ages and some men were moving around like a well oiled machine. For the last few weeks packages filled with old wedding dresses arrived from all over America. Today they were unpacking them and turning old bridal gowns into burial garments. throughout the room we all worked cutting, ironing and sewing. After unboxing the dresses they are cut apart and the fabric is ironed and packed with a label of the name of the donor. The amazing women behind this organization have patterns of all shapes and sizes in hopes to never turn away a family in need.

After cutting out a few pieces for tiny dresses I worked on making bracelets. I made one for an adult and another tiny version for the child.

This group of volunteers is something special. I've been so fortunate to have such amazing opportunities this year. If you want to get involved, follow them on facebook. If you've been toughed by a loss like this and need help, contact the group. They are so willing to be there for families in need.

Day 53 was very healing.

Love & Light

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