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Day 50 of 365


I have to confess that I regret doing this adventure today. Geocaching would have been so much better with a full 12 hours of time but more important I think I would have felt safer with a companion.

All of that aside this is one of the coolest ideas that I can't believe I've never done. All over America people have hidden little containers and it's my job to find them. I downloaded the app to my phone and the gps built in to the program leads you to all of these hidden treasures.

My first one was in a little plastic tube and the information told me to bring a pencil so I could write my info on the card inside. I'll admit I had to search around but it was amazing when I finally did locate it. I could get hooked on

this and when my 365 adventure is over I might go again to keep the adventure alive. I did blur the contents just in case it's private. I didn't read the disclaimers.

I might try to incorporate this on another day and hide my own for someone to find. I had no idea this would be so much fun.

Day 50 was my an exciting adventure.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock close to the hidden treasure.

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