Day 48 of 365

November 6, 2017

Cats and dogs and little bitty animals



Today I visited a no-kill animal shelter for the first time. I believe that I've avoided this because I didn't want the emotions that come with watching so many animals living without a home. The shelter I visited is newly renovated and still there were cats filling two rooms. The smaller dogs were in cage kennels and I wanted to take them all home.


I understand how cat ladies are born. 


My goal for this 365 day experience was to make a donation in the memory of our sweet Jake. He was the best dog and I miss that big hairy beast every day. If you've ever looked at no-kill animal shelters you understand that resources are dependent on public support. The shelter website has quite a long list of needs. It brings up the issue of private breeders and people who are willing to pay thousands of dollars instead of rescuing an animal from a shelter. There are some beautiful creatures there. 


Our Jake was a rescue and one of the greatest gifts and a member of our family. He had a Kitten named Jon Snow. 


I'm not going to roll out the Sarah Mclachlan music but you probably know what I'm talking about.  


Day 48 was mostly sad. 


Love & Light 



Planted my #365rockdays rock. 



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