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Day 34 of 365

Day 34 and Celtic knots

I have always had a fascination with Celtic and Egyptian art. I've spent a ton of time playing with ancient egypt and making cartouche symbols with many many kids, but I've never tried to draw celtic knots and especially the triquetra. It's got all different names but I'm settling for this one.

I'm not sure if you've ever tried to draw this symbol but it's not for the faint of heart.

My first attempt was really a mess. It's important to start with a perfect equilateral triangle. Have you ever tried to freehand draw one? Yep, nearly impossible and if your triangle is wonky the rest is all crap. I downloaded a few ebooks and as I read through them the diagrams were impossible to follow. I think its the math. I really don't do math. Once I figured out 60 degree angles and found the old protractor a triangle was established.

Don't let my video fool you, I've got a pile of crumpled mistakes going to the shredder. It's a good thing I've still got a paper making problem caused by day 7. I worked through two pencil erasers and finally had to break out the old grade school pink eraser to finish this job. I'd say it was a success and I will try my hand at a few different styles. I'll update if I figure them out.

Day 34 was another test of patience and erasers.

Love & Light

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