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Day 33 of 365

Today's experience was an interesting one.

Aloe vera.

Don't shake your head. It's not just for skin irritation. I've been reading quite a bit about the leaves of this plant. I've always had one in my house for burns but never thought to use it for anything else. The leaf that I bought weighed about a pound before peeling it. Taking the skin off is pretty cool unless slime triggers your gag reflex. It's the slimiest thing I've ever had in my kitchen.

My intention is to eat this slimy plant. I've read that it's full of vitamins and minerals and that it's as hydrating as coconut water. After I cut this into slimy little chunks I had to take a taste. It's not very flavorful and is similar to cucumber without the seeds. I added it to a smoothie and it didn't change the flavor.

I kept the peelings and put them in the freezer to use on skin rashes and burns. I've purchased gel for sunburns and have had the plant in my kitchen for years but I've never eaten it. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow.

Love & Light

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