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Day 24 of 365

Lights on!

Today's adventure was a walk in the park. Well it was a walk in the garden actually. I had a very soggy adventure at the Chinese Light show that's running at Boerner Botanical Gardens until the end of next week.

I've wanted to go for a while, since my cousin had her own adventure and raved about it. My next week is pretty full so If I wanted to see this I really had to go tonight. The real dilemma was that this show is outside and when we got in the car to drive up there it was starting to rain.

I was wondering, as we drove, why would it be raining today? What was the reason? When we made it to the soggy parking lot it was clear why. The mass exodus of patrons flooding the already flooded parking lots. We put on our full length rain jackets and popped open the giant golf umbrella. We don't golf but it's the biggest umbrella. We were literally going against the flow as we walked to the entrance. The guard at the front gate wondered why we would choose such a rainy night, "You're going to get wet." Remember we are wearing floor length raincoats standing under an umbrella in the pouring rain... Dude, we are already wet!

We were surprised at how many people were inside and that's when I realized how crazy it would have been if it wasn't raining. I can handle the rain as long as it keeps the crowd smaller. It was really pretty beautiful, even with the terrible weather.

Each display had a lit sign explaining what the structure was and how it was significant to Chinese culture. I recommend the exhibit. I purchased tickets in advance but the rain kept the crowds away and we could have purchased them there. One thing to mention is they sell food and souvenirs. They do a short exhibition with Chinese musicians, martial artists and dancers. It was a pretty perfect evening even with the rain.

Day 24 was pretty amazing. Rain or shine it was worth it.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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