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Day 20 of 365

I just want to say I have great respect for people who do this every day.

Today's adventure was operating a forklift. I did not enjoy it at all. I'm not a fan of driving equipment that can poke holes in things and drop stuff from tall spaces. Most of our equipment is old and loose around the edges and the brakes are verrrry squishy. This doesn't help my anxiety when it comes to driving the forklift.

My plan was to pull it out of the barn, drive it around and park it back where it belongs. The guys had other plans for me. Starting this old monster wasn't complicated. I use propane when I blacksmith and this runs on the same fuel.

I turned the gas on and wiggled a few handles and the engine started. So the controls are reverse of how my brain actually works, so up is down and left is right and then you have to tilt and shift. Oh... and the pedals for the brake, yep I said pedals. So there's kinda stop and sorta stop but not full stop even when I have one foot on each brake pedal. Thank goodness for neutral because that was my saving grace. Not really stopping but losing momentum. This forklift is not for the faint of heart. Don't let the video fool you my heart is racing a mile a minute and in my mind that's extremely fast.

I drove this beast farther then I'd planned and I guess that's what happens when other people get involved in an adventure and want me to push myself just a little bit more. I couldn't do this all day. I did not enjoy it at all. I guess if I had to I would move something around and it's always good to know how equipment works.

Day 20 was definatly a challenge.

Love & Light

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