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Day 16 of 365

Day 16 was an interesting experience

I play a lot of games. I've gambled a fair bit but only enough so that my inevitable loss won't prevent the family from eating. I'm lucky in many things but when it comes to playing games you might want a better partner. So today's adventure was a dice roll, literally.

A coworker and very supportive 365 day adventure chick suggested today's challenge.


My first thought was,”isn't that the game my granny played?” I’m pretty sure it was. She has since passed but Bunco lives on.

I had plans for day 16 and they did not include a dice game. I’ve got two super nerdy children who play miniature war games so I’ve got boxes of dice in this house. I’ve never played bunco. I’ve never had the desire to play Bunco.

The invitation was made and I honestly wanted to attempt my alternate plan but who could refuse a nifty night of dice with a room full of perfect strangers. If you know me you will understand how day 16 was an official challenge and adventure.

Getting to the host’s home was a driving delight. She lives in the most twisting turning subdivision I'm glad I navigated in daylight. I love my GPS so much more on day 16. The playing area was set up like serious gaming was going to happen. Felted poker tables with place-cards and score sheets made this Bunco virgin tremble with fear. What have I gotten myself into? Over the next thirty minutes the ladies arrived. Oh, did I mention this is a ladies only game. I’m not sure why but my guess is it had to do with genderbullshit from many years ago and I don't want to wonder about the history of bunco because I'm going to have to use math.

Once we settled in, the rules were explained and we sorted our foursomes around the three tables. This is where you really get to know a person. Personalities are revealed when games are played and the true nature of competition begins. I'm just going to say, watch the quiet ones.

Just when you get in a rhythm something called a "ghost player" shows up. Tonight it was because a player had to bail and go be a responsible adult. Whoever plays with the ghost has to do all the dice rolling. If you're a shitty dice roller, you're gonna lose this round.

Bunco is Yahtzee with less dice, partner swapping and if you play it right, gambling. Since it was our first time we left the gambling out but everything else happened and it was entertaining. As a night out, Bunco is just a reason to sit around, laugh, throw things and eat snacks. Pretty-much all the stuff that I love to do.

So grab at least 11 of your best gals, or strangers (sorry guys you’ll have to find something else to do) and start rolling.

Day 16 was very entertaining.

Love & Light

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