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Day 15 of 365

Paper beads are my arch nemesis

Today's adventure was really meant to be a light task. I decided

a few days ago that I wanted to make paper beads after talking about them with a friend. I didn't really give it much thought or planning. I've watched women make them many times at fundraising shows and when you know what you're doing it looks effortless.

For me, it was anything but effortless.

I got out my cutting mat and measured the strips of paper carefully. I cut them in a variety of widths and lengths. I had all of my supplies to roll the pieces of paper into

beautiful beads that I could wear as a bracelet.

I started with some ads from a newspaper. I figured there would be enough color to make them look interesting. I cut the strips and anchored the end to a barbecue skewer.

Easy as can be?

That piece of paper wasn't square to the skewer so it rolled lopsided. I tried a few more times and thought maybe it was the slickness of the ink preventing it from rolling up. I switched to wrapping paper in a fabulous pink cupcake pattern. Not only did the beads roll poorly but now I have lopsided pink beads. Today's adventure was not one of my greatest adventures or challenges. I have attempted to make paper beads and although I could string them and wear them I think my standards would have to be low to be impressed.

Maybe the beads will turn up in the future. I'm not sure.

Day 15 is going down as a bold attempt but a real fail.

Love & Light

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