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Day 14 of 365


I've had this pile of stuff laying around forever. Basically, I went to a garage sale and picked up a pack of glass pieces. I loved the way they sounded as they clinked and clanked in the bag so I bought the whole lot. I had no idea what was actually there until I pulled it out this morning to do this project. Most of the pieces were broken and chipped up so I had to modify my plan and came up with the final creation.

I'll admit I HATED drilling the glass and snapped a few of the good pieces I had because of my hesitation. I've never drilled holes in glass before and I'm glad I only had to do eight pieces.

The rest was pretty simple. I used a magnolia tree branch that has been drying in my garage. My family gave me the tree as a Mother's Day gift and it has always meant so much to me. I knew it would make the perfect base for the entire project. I have no issues with measuring and using the drill. In fact it's one of my favorite things to do. I know when people come to visit I've got stuff all over. They're just projects that my mind builds before my hands have had a chance.

All of the materials for the project were laying around the house waiting to be assembled into something that sounds beautiful. Trash to treasure in about an hour.

The video demonstrates the process and if you can get beyond drilling holes in glass the sound this set of chimes makes is amazing. I suppose if you're close to a beach this is a very simple project to reproduce with seashells or other tinkly items.

Day 14 sounds like music to my ears.

Love & Light

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