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Day 10 of 365

Day 10 of 365

Today’s adventure was to create a ZINE.

If you aren’t familiar with zines they are mini books hand made and stapled or folded together. That’s a super brief summary but you can click here if you want to know more. You won’t be shocked to see that it’s a creative adventure which I’m super excited to do.

When I decided to do a zine I wanted it to be self contained and something I could reproduce if I liked it. Well, I like it a bunch and when you see how simple it is you might want to do one too.

Supplies are super cheap and you probably have them around the house.

1. Paper

2. knife

3. Pencil

4. fine tip marker

5. colors- I used sharpies. I have a sharpie problem, it includes almost every color of the rainbow. I support the rainbow.

The actual creation part took a bit of time as I decided to draw and write it in pencil and trace it in fine black sharpie when it was done. I made a quick video. Please enjoy.

So after ten days I have a paper making addiction and a zine creation problem. Life is good.

Day 10 was a definite success.

Love & Light

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