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Day 6 of 365

Growing SCOBY goo

There is this most delicious drink that I discovered on the island of Maui a few years ago. I think it's delicious but some people think it's like drinking vinegar. Sometimes it does and that depends on how this drink is made.

Kombucha is fermented black tea. When I say fermented I mean this is tea that you make and then you add sugars and let it fester in a dark place for a few weeks. Yep, that's the deliciousness that is Kombucha.

I estimate that I've spent hundreds of dollars enjoying this beverage. Maybe that's not much to some but as tea drinking goes perhaps I could just make it myself. Then someone says "fungus juice" and I'm questioning the entire deliciousness factor. In order to create kombucha you mush first grow a beautiful patty of SCOBY. This glorious living creation is Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, SCOBY. I just love the symbiotic culture. Is sounds exactly right.

On day 6 of my 365 days of adventure I set out to grow my own SCOBY. How hard can it be. I sterilized my kitchen with vinegar and proceeded to boil up some super sweet black tea. It seems pretty easy and the hardest part so far has been waiting for everything to come to room temperature so I can mix it all together.

All my research suggests that I use Kombucha to make my SCOBY. It seems like a rule breaker but as I research most people either buy their SCOBY grown or they fester their own from a warm bottle of this fermented brew. So basically it takes a SCOBY to grow a SCOBY. This feels like a chicken/egg game and I'm not going to play. I bought the fuzziest bottle of Kombucha I could find and mixed it all at room temperature.

f you stop by to see me you can check my pantry. I've got SCOBY brewing in there. I'll update you in a few weeks to let you know what's growing in my in the dark corners. If you want to learn more about Kombucha and SCOBY and the benefits of drinking it, use GOOGLE. I'm not going to put links to another site because I don't want to endorse any info that you might disagree with. I'm just sharing my journey. Thanks for stopping in.

Day 6 seems a little gross but this is going to be so good!

Love & Light

FOOTNOTE: The SCOBY goo picture is from the internet and as soon as mine grows I'll replace it.

The SCOBY after 20 days of "brewing" in my dark pantry. I'm going to give it one more week and pull it out. I'm pretty excited.

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