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Day 3 of 365

Today's adventure included ink and a very special pen.

Shortly before my son left to travel for the year he bought me a gift for my birthday, a blown glass pen. It came with love and he picked my favorite color for the handle. He didn’t know but I’ve always wanted one and I was so excited when he gave it to me. He asked me if I needed someone to teach me how to use it. I told him that I was going to use it as one of my 365 day adventure experiences.

I was thinking that I would do this further in to the year but I’ve got some great plans for this writing instrument. When I came home from yoga this morning I set myself up to experiment with this beautiful pen. I’ll explain that when we home schooled we played around making pens from turkey feathers and tried writing, so the ink that we have is quite old and I was surprised the jars were so empty. I made a little video and you can enjoy that.

Hope you enjoy day 3

Love & Light

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