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Day 2 of 365

Day 2 was a coffee experience

There are some things you just have to do to understand how they are different from what you’ve tried before. It’s pretty simple. Today my co-worker and friend took me for a cup of coffee. She’s been going on and on for months about how amazing this coffee experience is. Anyone who knows me has witnessed my love for coffee and especially dark delicious brews. So, I was excited to try this Nitro infused drink. I’m sure some of you will say that’s old news but for me not so much.

We went to this cool Bike shop/ coffee house called Avant. Interesting enough the building has a smooth transition from cycle shop to cafe. As I was taking in the store my friend was already at the counter ordering exactly what she wanted me to drink. I was just along to consume it.

The pour was not disappointing. It’s actually very similar to the way Guinness beer is dispensed in a pub. It interacts with the cup like a living being. If you haven’t tried either of these drinks poured into a glass, you really must.

She was very right about the nitro experience. I’m so excited to have a non-alcoholic flavor that is similar to one of my favorite beers. I’m certain that I’ll be back to enjoy a few more nitro-brews.

This isn’t a commercial for Avant, but if you’re in the Lake Geneva, WI area you should stop in and check it out.

Emily, you were spot on girl! Thanks for paying attention and for keeping me on the dark side when it comes to coffee.

Love & Light

Day 2

I planted the #365rockdays rock.

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