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For Ella Eastman, firefighting is life. She’s devoted her body to being the best, but everyone needs a break from reality once in a while.


For Morgan Hail, art is life, but she has to make a living.


Their lives collide when television fandoms intersect at The Blacktree Comic Palooza. Morgan’s captivating fanart leads to a heated misunderstanding, and a cosplay contest brings these two women together–though only one of them knows the truth. This unlikely pairing heats up when their real-world lives collide, but what will happen to their budding romance when Ella reveals her secret identity? And can they find a way to make things work when Ella’s job hits a little too close to home? Conned is a story of love, loss, new beginnings, and fandom.


Trigger warning: child death, fire trauma and suicide

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