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August 30, 2018

So much wiener

I’m conflicted about today’s adventure. 

I hate hotdogs but I love the Wienermoblie. Truth about the experience today... I saw that vehicle and I did a solid hard u-turn to go back and get near it. I wanted a picture.

Why the obsession?

It reminds me of my c...

August 29, 2018

Where my feet fall

I had plans for this experience from day one. I purchased a kit with the idea that I would collect items along my journey. 

I am 21 days away from entering my 50th year and to honor the past 343 days and some of those who've shared my adventures, I mad...

August 28, 2018

Roses are red

This was another bittersweet day. 

I don't have a green thumb, in fact it's shriveled dry earth brown and I feel the shame of being a plant killer. That vitality bowl that I planted for mom back on day 212 is mostly dead. They were herbs and in my defense I...

August 28, 2018

On target

I'm getting very close to accomplishing what felt impossible. 365 consecutive days of first time experiences. 365 consecutive days of blog posts sharing what I have done. 

Set your sights on a target and keep shooting.

That's what today was all about.

For my 342n...

August 27, 2018

Hoppy on the beer bus

On day 282 I started the brewing process by making the wort. I wanted to jump inside that foamy bucket and get lost in the beer's potential.

On day 297 I transferred that deliciousness from the festering wort bucket to 50 sterilized glass bottles. I...

August 26, 2018

Not so nasty

I spent a few hours practicing my fly fishing today. I have a larges pond on my property and it's a convenient space to learn better casting technique. I never expected to catch anything bigger than a baby bluegill.

I was a bit surprised when I snagged a lit...

August 25, 2018

A little taste of Egypt

To say I have an obsession with the art of ancient Egypt would be an understatement. My creative space is filled with a collection that started over 20 years ago. 

On day 339 I attended an open house at the Coptic Orthodox Church and it was wonder...

August 24, 2018

A labor of love

Today's experience isn't something that was on the list of adventures but I had a great time doing it. There's a story here so you might want to get a cup of tea.

A few years ago I published my first book, Dear Kane; what I wish we would have said. I...

August 22, 2018

My aching back


I’m a firm believer that plants are growing in the yard for a reason. Many are considered weeds and because they spoil the purity of the green grass some people nuke them with pesticides. 

I’m not one of those people. 

Today I’m using one of the...

August 21, 2018

Start with cutting your nails

I’ve had quite the adventure in the last 10 months. I’ve been to some amazing places and done many things I’d never planned to ever try. 

Through all of it I’ve been a woman. 

On the 336th day I’m embracing my womanhood by using an eco friend...

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